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Nan’s Bench

Bench_Planter 45

It's currently the middle of winter over here in Michigan. And that pretty green grass is covered in snow! So to bring some color to a sometimes dull winter I decided I should post my how-to on this custom garden bench!

The idea for this bench came from my very special grandma, who we call Nan. After she saw the post about our DIY Recycled Swingset she said all you need is a cute bench for underneath it. Which was so true. Since there were no longer swings hanging, it made the area look like it was missing something.

So to CraigsList we went to find a good deal on a used bench! No need for anything brand new since we knew we wanted to paint it anyways.

$100 bucks, close to where we live, we'll take it! Bonus, it is a solid & heavy wrought iron bench!

Old Bench

Next off to Home Depot for some fun spray paint colors! 

Bench_Planter 3

Then Dylan took apart the bench and gave it a light sanding.

Bench_Planter 5

I taped off the flowers before spray painting the vines.

Bench_Planter 6

I did two coats of spray paint on each piece.

Bench_Planter 14

This project was actually pretty fun! Some of my favorite colors.

Bench_Planter 21

After the paint dried I removed the tape and painted the flowers yellow.

Bench_Planter 28

In no time Dylan had the bench back together and looking amazing!

Bench_Planter 40

Nan's bench in its new home under the swing set!

Bench_Planter 60

Thanks for reading everyone! I'll be back soon with another post. Dylan & I have been busy with so many projects and I can't wait to share them all!

<3holli & dylan

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