Lovers Lane DIY

Hi everyone! It's coming up on a year since I've had my beautiful kitchen counters. And I wanted to write this post to tell you how they came to be...

Most of our projects are extremely budget friendly, bang for your buck type of makeovers. But this kitchen was definitely a splurge! Life is all about balance, save/spend money on the parts of your home that matter most to you. For us, the kitchen is the heart of our home. It is the place where we spend every night making dinner together. And it is where I spend hours upon hours making hundreds of cookies and treats every holiday season. It is a place where our friends and family gather for a cold beer and good meal. And those memories are priceless.

You see, when we moved into our house the kitchen was yellow and kinda dingy looking with old laminate countertops.

Not bad, but also not very pretty or great for entertaining. 

As someone who loves to bake/cook, I had always dreamed of having more space to spread out! And the idea of expanding the counter out to a bar was born! We chose white quartz counters with gray veining.

My talented husband installing the faucet after the countertops were delivered.

My range before...

...and after new counters and backsplash!

Our old sink that drove me crazy!

I didn't think it was possible to love a sink. But I seriously love my farmhouse sink! And that view.

Bonus! It's motion activated and lights up!

Every time I walk into our gorgeous kitchen I feel incredibly lucky! 

Thanks for stopping by to see the new Lovers Lane Kitchen.

Stay tuned for Part 2.... a custom shiplap wall in the kitchen built by the husband!

And Part 3 later this year when we finally replace those nasty linoleum floors!

Happy DIYing my friends!


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