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With all the snow and below freezing temperatures this Winter has brought, we decided that we couldn't sit around waiting for Spring to get here. So we decided to do some indoor projects that were super easy and really made a huge difference in the look and feel of our home. Luckily, these are the types of projects that anyone can do year round and best of all, they are cheap!

Before After Entry

The entryway to our home is where we begin. Now, normally the entryway is a place to make a first impression as your guests enter your home. As you can see, it really didn't do a great job. From the old wooden doors with broken hardware, to the hanging lantern light that looks like it was taken off a ship, to the 70's wallpaper in the closet, this area was a mess.

We started by removing the old light, switch, hardware and closet door. Then we taped all the edges and gave everything a fresh coat of white primer and paint.

Flagged - 09

The entryway was looking better, but needed some character. Of course Holli was full of ideas, so we got to work. As counterintuitive as putting up wallpaper may seem, she convinced me that it would be a good idea...

Flagged - 11

Our friend Adam Martinazzi (the good looking tall guy) is always willing to help out with our projects and lucky for us, he stopped by! The extra reach was definitely needed to put up the wallpaper and in the end, thanks to Adam and my professional wallpaper putting up abilities, Holli's idea turned out to be a good one.

Flagged - 10

You can see why I was a little hesitant to try out putting up wallpaper after seeing this terrible shelf in the closet. In the end, it seems wallpaper has gotten much better over the years and they actually make some pretty nice designs. Its easy to apply, gives a perfect looking finish and when you get tired of it, peeling it off is actually about 100 times easier that with old wallpaper.

Flagged - 12

We had a good amount of leftover wallpaper, so Holli decided to replace that 70's Starburst wallpaper on the closet shelf with the leftovers to match the wall. It makes it seem like we planned it that way and are some kind of pros.


We installed an awesome LED light fixture to replace the old lantern, which makes the room look much more modern and because we are working on making every light in our house LED.

Flagged - 13

Because our front door has an old cylinder deadbolt lock that is basically impossible to find a replacement for and to cut down costs, we decided to spray paint all the hardware with Rust-Oleum Satin Nickel spray paint.

Flagged - 14

Holli had some great ideas for the finishing touches including this sparkly coat hanger to match the design of the room and closet doorknob! I'll be honest, I probably wouldn't have chosen it myself, but in the end it definitely helped bring the room together.

Flagged - 15

Although we have a 1952 Cape Cod style home and are making it much more modern, we still want to keep some of the original character and charm.  That's why we chose these glass doorknobs for the closet!

Flagged - 17

And here is the finished entryway! You can't see it, but I had to rewire the light switches and installed a timer switch for our porch lights to go on and off automatically at night.

Now for a breakdown of what we used and how much this project cost!

(Click on the name of the item to buy the EXACT ones we used)

Entryway - Total Cost $179.49

Paint/Primer - $26.97 (Lowes)

Ceiling Paint - $22.48 (Lowes)

Wall Paper - $31.73 (Lowes)

Light Fixture - $29.98 (Home Depot)

Programmable Light Switch - $31.99 (Home Depot)

Door Knob - $15.37 (Home Depot)

Crystal Hanging Knobs - $14.21 (Home Depot)

Rust-Oleum Satin Nickel - $6.76 (Home Depot)

Thanks for reading and expect Indoor Winter Projects Part 2 soon!


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