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Hey everyone! I know it has been a while since I posted, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy! I'm probably sitting on at least 10 posts worth of DIY projects. And there are a few newer projects I'm dying to talk about, but I can't forget about some of the older, still equally awesome projects! Spring is officially here and has got me itching for some blooming flowers. That being said...lets take it back to our garden project of spring/summer 2015!



So much back breaking work went into this amazing garden. But first, here are a few before pictures.

We rented our house for 6 months before we bought it and it was empty for a few months before that, so the garden beds were a mess! Overgrown with weeds and tons of rocks mixed into the dirt. Needless to say, this was a HUGE project.

First we had the large evergreen bushes taken out by our gardener, which was extremely helpful. We dug the rest of the weeds/plants out ourselves, and by we I mean my husband 🙂

As you can see, the house looked kinda boring and blah. First thing we did was paint the front door and shutters to brighten it up! We used Lap Pool Blue by Behr.

We decided to work on the garden one side at a time, starting on the right. And we were so happy that Dylan's parents stopped by to help us out! It took hours to sift through all the rocks and roots.

After a fun trip to our local nursery Wedel's, it was finally time to start planting!

After everything was planted, we added mulch.

The right side of the garden is complete!

And Dylan hung up a pretty flower box for me!

Next up, that ugly front porch has got to go! Dylan removed the rusted railings and moldy black material from the steps.

Then he gave it a good power washing. You can see the left side of the garden all overgrown with weeds. We are coming for you next!

We let it dry for a few days and then it was time to paint! We used Behr Premium Textured Deckover.

Later in the summer, my parents came to visit! So we all got to work on the left side of the garden. Here it is as we were turning the dirt and separating out all the rocks and weeds.

My dad getting some of the flowers planted!

Finally finished with mom! And the dogs, of course!

Before and after.

A few months later, looking beautiful!

Talk about improving our curb appeal! Its been a year and a half since then and I've added more perennials(flowers that come back every year)! Once things start sprouting and blooming I will do an update post so you can see how much its changed!

Thanks for following our home improvement adventures! Happy spring gardening everyone!


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