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This is a very special DIY project for us! In the fall of 2014, Nan (my grandma) had some serious health issues arise while visiting us in Michigan. She ended up staying in our guest room for almost 2 months.

After she was well enough to travel back to CA, I knew that I wanted to give our special guest room a makeover. When we moved in the room was very pink, as the previous owners used it as a nursery. I love a good pink, but I wanted our guest room to be more neutral & happy.

Choosing a color is one of the most important parts! I originally thought I wanted a light orangey-coral, but all the samples I found ended up being too similar to the color already on the walls! I think the snow piled as high as the window may have inspired my choosing of a cheerful light yellow! Annie was not looking too sure about my color choice at this point.



Tape off and cover anything you don't want paint to splatter on. Dylan removed the dinky little light fixture(which I forgot to snap a picture of) and starts with a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling.



The room is primed and ready to go as Dylan installs a new fan! Yes, you can go from a light fixture to a fan. It took a bit of trial and error, as much of the wiring in our house is old and not properly colored. (No husbands were harmed in this DIY project!) While the power was still off, Dylan switched out all three of the wall outlets and lightswitch with newer, safer ones.



The first coat of yellow is up! Annie is feeling more confident in the color choice!



Hello happy yellow and pretty new fan! I also did a fresh coat of glossy white paint on all the window and door trim.



And while the paint dries, we go shopping! We got these cute rustic pieces from At Home.



My least favorite part of all these DIY projects...painting the doors! A pain in the butt! Thankfully I have Dylan to do most of the heavy lifting. Here he is assembling the new doorknob and getting the door hung up!



Here are a few of the things that I love the most in Nan's Room. Its all in the details!



We also cleaned up and painted the closet (which is Dylan's closet). Annie definitely approves.



The new layout of Nan's Room!



And here is what it looks like one year later! We added a few floating shelves & plants. Don't mind my wrinkled bedspread, we haven't had any guests for quite a while! Can't wait for Nan to come visit and see her new room!


How much did this project cost us? Lets find out!


Guest Room Makeover Cost - $266.34

Click on the name to buy the exact items we used!

Paint/Primer x2- $26.97 ea. (Lowes)

Ceiling Paint - $22.48 ea. (Lowes)

Ceiling Fan - $169.00 ea. (Home Depot)

Lever Doorknob - $20.92 ea. (Home Depot)


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for our Bathroom DIY coming up next!


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