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Hey everyone! We all know that kitchens and bathrooms sell a house. We don't plan on selling anytime soon, but man was our bathroom looking drab. Of course we'd rather take it down to the studs and do a complete bathroom renovation, but unfortunately our budget wouldn't allow that. So we decided to do some research (thank you Pinterest) and figure out how to give our bathroom a facelift with a limited budget.

Lets check out a few more before pictures.


From the linoleum floor & cheap vanity to the 90s light fixture...this bathroom is everything I dislike!


The light fixture and medicine cabinet were the first to go!



So what color did we choose? Since our bathroom is 75% white tile, we knew it needed to be something with a little contrast. But paint can often be so expensive. That's why we ALWAYS check the discount paint section whenever we are in Lowes or Home Depot, even if we don't need any paint. The discount section has the mistinted and returned/sample paint cans and usually the colors are really ugly. But every now and then you get lucky!

We got this $33 can of gray paint for $9 in the discount section! It sat in the basement for a few months until inspiration struck me. Paint the bathroom gray! Annie was excited about it too.



And here's what it looks like on the walls! Love it.



Lookin' pretty so far!



While the paint dries...we go shopping!



Now that the paint is done, it is time to stain the vanity. This might seem like a scary thing, but sometimes you just have to go for it! After a good amount of research, I kept finding the same products/methods on several blogs with good reviews. Click HERE for my favorite DIY of how to stain the cabinets.


First and most importantly, you have to sand and clean the cabinets! Sorry for the low quality pictures, sometimes I get a little excited about getting started! Finally a picture of me working! I swear Dylan doesn't do all the work! 🙂


The cabinet & drawer faces with their first coat of stain!



After 3 coats of stain and 2 coats of poly. Looking good!



Close up! All put back together. This makes me super happy to look at.


Dylan also built a custom mirror frame & we stained it to match the cabinets!



Loving the transformation so far! Next up; the floor!


We found these awesome vinyl peel & stick planks that look like wood on Amazon. It took about 1 1/2 packs to do our bathroom. The most difficult part was removing the toilet and resealing it afterward!



After the floor was installed, Dylan sealed the edges with bathroom caulk and reinstalled the toilet. Here is a view from above, you'd never know how easy and cheap it was!



Finished product!



I'm in love with our budget DIY!!



Update: A few weeks later we hung these cool shelves above the toilet!



Thanks so much for joining us in this transformation! It has been one of my favorites yet. Lets find out how much it all cost...

How much did this project cost us? Lets find out!


Bathroom DIY Cost - $365.00

Click on the name to buy the exact items we used!

Paint- $9.00 ea. normally $33.00 (Home Depot)

Ceiling Paint - $22.48 ea. (Lowes)

General Finishes Gel Stain - $23.49 ea. (Home Depot)

General Finishes Gel Topcoat - $26.95 ea. (Home Depot)

Faucet - $54.00 (Home Depot)

Towel Bar Set - $57.00 (Home Depot)

Toilet Lever - $15.98 (Home Depot)

Drawer Pulls - $4.98 ea. x3 (Home Depot)

Vinyl Floor Planks - $32.75 ea. x2 (Home Depot)

Light Fixture - $39.98 (Home Depot)

Lever Doorknob - $20.92 (Home Depot)

Moulding for Mirror Frame - $1.12/linear foot (Home Depot)


I absolutely love our budget friendly bathroom makeover! What's up next? Our bedroom makeover! Stay tuned!

Until next time DIYers,



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