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Hello everyone!

I know its been a while since we've posted, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy! In the last year we put our DIY touch on several rooms in our home, got married in CA & completely tore out and landscaped the front garden. All of which I will share with you guys...a little at a time!

Lets see, where did we leave off?

We will call this the Hallway Makeover! So the hallway in our house has a linen cabinet and doors to our room, the guest room, and the bathroom. As you can see in the before picture, it was all pretty dingy and old.


This poor linen cabinet is in desperate need of some love! But first, lets peel off some wallpaper.


Why there was 3 layers of wallpaper inside this cabinet, I will never know!

Here is another view of the hallway. A little dark and blah.


He will probably kill me for posting this, but I wanted to share with you guys the importance of working top to bottom! Paint the ceiling first, and if any paint drips onto the walls its okay because you're going to paint over those next anyways!


Yes!! Bright white walls!! This is after installing the new LED light fixture (same one we used in our last post).


The hallway already looks and feels bigger! I'm not sure if I will always keep it white, but for now its nice and bright.


As you can probably tell, most of these pictures were taken at night! That is because I get my best motivational groove on in the late afternoon/evening. Here is a picture in actual daylight! Don't worry, we're coming for you next pink guest room!!


I ended up with extra wallpaper from our last project, so I decided to fancy up the shelves in the cabinet!


Its not perfect, but close enough. And hey it will be covered in towels anyways!


Meanwhile, the cabinet drawers and doors got some TLC as well! Fresh paint and new hardware.


Here I am, trying to organize my life. If only the cabinet still looked as organized as it did this day!


Reattaching the doors! Almost finished.


Hello pretty new hallway! Wanna know how much it cost us to do this project?



Hallway Makeover Cost - $131.17

(Click on the name to buy the exact items we used!)

Paint/Primer - $26.97 ea. (Lowes)

Ceiling Paint - $22.48 ea. (Lowes)

Light Fixture - $29.98 ea. (Home Depot)

Cabinet Pulls - $1.98 ea. (Home Depot)

Lever Doorknobs - $20.92 ea. (Home Depot)

Totally worth it. 

hall closet

This may not have been one of the most exciting projects, but we will get there my friends! One paint brush at a time! See you next time!



We finally framed some of our engagement photos to hang in the hallway! They look great.


These gray double matte frames are from Michaels, you can find them HERE!

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