Lovers Lane DIY

Lets start out with the list of supplies you'll need to complete these crazy easy projects on your own!

(Click on the name of the item to buy the EXACT ones we used)

MAILBOX - Total Cost $39.89

Mailbox - $17.97 (Home Depot)

White Paint - $10.97 (Home Depot)

Number Decals - $10.95 (Etsy)

HOUSE NUMBERS - Total Cost $27.94

Numbers - $5.99 / each (Home Depot)

Caulk - $3.98 (Home Depot)

Now onto business.  Holli had been admiring our neighbor's nice new white mailbox, that the city had given them after the snowplow tore their old one out, and said she wanted one too.  After looking to see what a new one costs ($100+) we decided to take matters into our own hands. We got to work and it turned out to be a lot easier than we expected.

Mailbox-Numbers-Good 2

This was our old mailbox.  Pretty sad…I know.

Mailbox-Numbers-Good 3

After I removed the old mailbox, Holli got right to work.  The paint was crazy thick and we only used about a quarter of the can!

Mailbox-Numbers-Good 4


Mailbox-Numbers-Good 1

Here it is before I placed the new numbers.

Mailbox-Numbers-Good 5

Its way harder than it looks. Not really.

Mailbox-Numbers-Good 6

And there she is in all her glory!

Mailbox  B&A

Mailbox-Numbers-Good 7

As you can see, our old house numbers were pretty standard and super boring. Ignore the dirt on the house, subpar landscaping, old lights and shameful  roof. (We'll get to those another day, I promise)

Mailbox-Numbers-Good 8

All I had to do was remove the old numbers, drill holes for the new ones, mount them, caulk the openings to seal them, let them sit for a few hours and they were perfect!

Obviously there are many more projects to go, but these 2 simple ones should give you guys a good start on transforming the look of your home. 

Until next project,


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